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Volume 1/Issue 5


We made it through the first tax deadline for 2017! Please keep in mind that our annual meeting and summer

seminars will be held June 4-6 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lafayette. If you have registered, we thank you;

Checks will be deposited soon. If you have not registered, you are encouraged to review the brochure and mail

your check to secure your spot for this event.

You have the opportunity to earn 16 hours of quality, face-to-face continuing education. Our speakers this year

are Dick Minot and Helen O’Planick. If you attended our winter event, which we co-sponsor with PTI, you will

recognize Dick’s name. He is an engaging speaker on many topics, and will present our Ethics topic this

year. Helen is a regular contributor to many Facebook pages,

exhibiting her knowledge of tax issues.

In addition, you will be able to interact not only with our two

speakers, but also with many of our tax colleagues, getting ideas on

current problem matters or office management or many other

topics in this industry. As a group we have a wonderful knowledge

base to share, which can be invaluable throughout the year.

It has been confirmed that the Monday night activity will be held at

Crawfish Town in Henderson. The rest of the details are bit of a

mystery. Be on the lookout for more information coming soon to

your email address!!

“For every tax problem there is a solution

which is straightforward, uncomplicated –

and wrong.” — Anonymous


NAEA Event (DC/ VA area)

Ma y 17 FlyIn Day

Ma y 18 A PEX

Ma y 19 BOD Meeting


Hy att Regency Crystal City

A rlington, VA

LSEA Annual Meeting and

Sem inar (Lafay ette, LA)

Ju ne 4th 6th

Hot el: Hilton Garden Inn

Regi stration $ 425

PTI Conferences

December 5th 6th 2017

(Ma r garitaville, Bossier City)

December 6th 7 th 2017

(BR Ma rriot , Baton Rouge)

Registration $ 395 with a $25 early

di scount rate i f received by PTI by

6/30/2017 . Register at


There is a Board of Director position available. If anyone is interested

in filling this position, please contact Linda Sandidge stating your



When you order 2017 Tax Reference Books from The Tax Book or

Thomson Reuters, a portion of your purchase goes to LSEA. Use

the following codes when placing your order:

The Tax Book – Discount Code 235

Thompson and Reuters – Discount Code Q620




IR 201787, April 19, 2017

WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service is requesting

membership nominations for the Information Reporting Program

Advisory Committee (IRPAC), a federal advisory committee that

provides recommendations to the IRS on various tax administration


Members are appointed to threeyear terms, but terms are staggered

so that approximately onethird of the committee membership

changes each year. Nominations are currently being accepted for up

to seven appointments that will begin in January 2018.

The deadline for submitting applications is May 21, 2017.

IRPAC members are drawn from diverse backgrounds. Members

represent the taxpaying public, tax professional community, small

and large businesses, colleges and universities, state tax

administrations, banks, insurance companies, foreign financial

institutions, and the software and payroll industries.


President: Linda Sandidge, EA

Secretary: Jennifer Hayes, EA

Treasurer: Stella Little, EA

Immediate Past President:

Lynn Jacobs, EA


Faye Touchet, EA

Sandy Brown, EA

Lee Johnson, EA

David Saari, EA

<Open >, EA

IRPAC presents a report to the IRS Commissioner at a public

meeting each fall that includes recommendations to improve the

information reporting program.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of IRPAC may selfnominate

or be nominated by a professional organization. All

nominees must complete an application.

More information including the application form is available on Questions about the nomination process may be sent to .


V3, 04-21-2017

Headline: Avoid submitting duplicate Freedom of Information Act


Teaser: A single request will be processed more efficiently

To avoid delays to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests,

identify and send only one request to the IRS office that is most likely

to have the records. Do not send the same request to multiple

mailing addresses or fax numbers. See IRS Disclosure Offices and

FOIA Service Centers and mail or fax your request to the most

appropriate location, based on the information you are requesting.

Sending your request to more than one of those locations, or both

mailing and faxing your request can bog down processing and slow

response times. All requests are assigned to appropriate IRS FOIA

queues for processing. When the IRS receives the same request

through multiple channels, staff members need to eliminate

duplicates and ensure proper routing of the request before

processing it.

Before you submit a FOIA request, determine whether the

information you seek can be obtained through

routine agency procedures, which can make access quicker and


If you need to request information under FOIA, see the IRS FOIA

Guidelines for information and instructions.


Beginning with Offer applications received on or after March 27,

2017: The IRS will return any newly filed Offer in Compromise

application if you have not filed all required tax returns. Any


application fee included with the OIC will also be returned. Any initial payment required with the returned

application will be applied to reduce your balance due. This policy does not apply to current year tax returns if

there is a valid extension on file.

Here are some Resources for your review that can also be found on

o Special Edition Tax Tip IRS Explains How Offer in Compromise Works

o Offer in Compromise

o Tax Topics Topic 204 Offers In Compromise


The Internal Revenue Service began a new private collection program of certain overdue federal tax debts

selecting four contractors to implement it.

The new program, authorized under a federal law enacted by Congress, enables these designated contractors to

collect, on the government’s behalf, outstanding inactive tax receivables. Authorized under a federal law

enacted by Congress in December 2015, Section 32102 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act

(FAST Act) requires the IRS to use private collection agencies for the collection of outstanding inactive tax


Get more information here:


An IRS audit is a review/examination of an organization’s or individual’s accounts and financial information to

ensure information is reported correctly according to the tax laws and to verify the reported amount of tax is

correct. The primary purpose of this communication is that should a taxpayer’s account be selected for audit,

they will notified by mail. The IRS will not initiate an audit by telephone. This is a change over prior practice

which included notifying taxpayers by telephone.

Click on “IRS Audits” to review some common asked questions: IRS Audits